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Susquehanna Brewing Co. (SBC) LLC

Susquehanna Brewing Co. (SBC) LLC, a Pennsylvania corporation was incorporated in 2010.  Their founding families The Nobile’s and The Maier’s have been involved in the brewing industry dating back to the mid 1800s.  The Nobile family consisted of beer wholesalers beginning in 1934 and the Maier’s ancestor, Charles Stegmaier, founded The Stegmaier Brewing Co. in 1857. Ed Maier closed Stegmaier in 1974 and became a Miller Brewing Co. wholesaler in 1979.  In 2004 Ed and Fred Maier and Mark Nobile merged their companies to form United Beverage.

Susquehanna Brewing presently markets its products in fifty counties in the eastern half of Pennsylvania.  In May of 2014 their products were introduced in New Jersey through three Banko family wholesalers.  As production capabilities increased, they have expanded through Western Pennsylvania. They have a sales force of six people who work with assigned wholesalers to make sure their products are fairly represented in all territories.

The NEPA Alliance assisted Susquehanna Brewing Co. (SBC) LLC with business financing in the amount of $200,000 for machinery and equipment as part of a total modernization project costing $460,000.  Other financing involved the project includes the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority for $190,000 (administered by CAN DO, INC.) and an owner’s equity injection of $70,000.

The company is located in Luzerne County at 635 South Main Street Pittston, Pennsylvania. Their production facility occupies 55,000 square feet.